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What I've been up to..

So I've been AWOL a bit from this blog. For smaller updates find my instagram for wips and other doodles (or my tumblr).
I've been working on my portfolio as it's my last month here at Dreamworks. I'm looking into storyboarding so I'm catering it towards such.
I've been using a short story from a few friends and myself as my first experiment. 
Here are a few frames.

Thanks for stoppin' by!


Piero said...

Glad to read you again! :D

Mauricio Abril said...

Cool to see some work by you again, Nat. I didn't know you were into boarding. I'm working on an animatic myself that's one of many personal projects, and it's fun because it makes me use a different brain muscle. One of these days if I ever finish it, I'll post it. Hope you post more sequences too.