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My good friend Vanesa commissioned me for a piece recently and requested it be a harpy. She received it in the mail and so now I can finally post it :)




My submission to the Dragonball Zine :P


Another Instagram dump!

So I'm still around and keeping busy! Apologies to those who still watch this blog primarily!

In News :

I will be at CTNx this year sharing a table with the lovely Betsy Bauer! I will also (hopefully!) have a collection of sketches available for purchase by then, if not by the end of this year! Also prints etc will more than likely be available :) also personal commissions! So looking forward to seeing many of you there!!!



Qpop shop Ocean Conservancy Benefit

My piece for the show. Check it out at Qpop August 17 from 7-10 pm!


The Reason for Dragons

So Jeff Stokely asked me earlier in the year to contribute a pinup for his recently released book The Reason for Dragons (written by Chris Northrop),which of course I couldn’t say no to. Unfortunately a limited amount of space was available and my piece was unable to make it into final print. 
JUST remembered I hadn’t posted the piece, so I figured what better time than now, because the book was released last week!
By the way you should definitely pick up a copy for yourself, it’s an absolutely beautiful book all around!
You can go HERE to purchase a copy!! 


Some things

Stuff from Sketch Club!

A present for my Pops, for his birthday (bit late)




All done in Moleskine sketchbook, 6x9".


I got yelled at...

...while I was waiting to cross the street. No real reason y'know just people being butts. This is just how I wish I had reacted ;P

but I really just did this.


Instagram Roundup

Gathered a few shots from my instagram account to post in here. Normally my tumblr receives more updates but I just can't seem to abandon this blog. I'm still around I promise!