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Get ready for some love

Cause it's coming at your face full throttle.
I'm going to make sure this month everyone, whether you're with someone or not, feels the love.
Because we forget, Valentine's should not be just for the people with partners, it's for all of us, a day to show your friends & family too that you love them and are happy to have them in your life!

...Also I've been listening to a lot of Disney/Pixar movie soundtracks.... that may attribute to this good feeling thing I've stumbled upon ;)


bernardo said...

you natalie - are a true inspiration.
keep up


Mauricio said...

haha, right back at ya! this card is great, and yeah, V-day should be more like "love day."

Gillibean said...

Thats why Disney is so awesome, it make us release taht furry little otter inside of all of us! This is so cute! Id send it to my BF for Vday if I hadnt already sent him one that says 'I Whaley Love You' with a picture of whales on!