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Haven't used Gouache in some time...and boy does it show.


Ten Paces and Draw

I recently did a piece of the blog Ten Paces and Draw for their monthly Illustrated Mixtapes, I chose the song 'Creep' by TLC

Hope you like it.


Birthday :)



I Owly have eyes for Hoo

For those of you who wish to say,'I love you, and I also want to kill you.'

Happy Valentines Day everyone <3


Get ready for some love

Cause it's coming at your face full throttle.
I'm going to make sure this month everyone, whether you're with someone or not, feels the love.
Because we forget, Valentine's should not be just for the people with partners, it's for all of us, a day to show your friends & family too that you love them and are happy to have them in your life!

...Also I've been listening to a lot of Disney/Pixar movie soundtracks.... that may attribute to this good feeling thing I've stumbled upon ;)


Ninja Bat



Afternoon Tea

Just so.

Iron Kitty