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Sketch-A-Day October the Third

So I've just now decided I will do a sketch a day for this month, since I love drawing halloween themed pieces, expect 2 more hopefully tonight.

Here we have Monsieur leLoup, my boyfriend helped me create this small poem to accompany him.

If you were to find a bite upon your lady’s croup

It could be the handiwork of Monsieur Tombeur leLoup

Now if you ask as to where your lady went

Monsieur will protest, he’s only the most dapper gent


Jez Tuya said...

He's so awesome! (So is your line work! D: )

Mauricio said...

Nice one!

Jane of All Trades said...

Hah! Love the little poem that goes with it, priceless

Christopher S. Jennings said...

Illo and poem both brilliant!

N.Hall said...

Thanks everyone ;D