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Sketch-A-Day October the Seventh

The black cat of which strikes fear

Many a witch has called a dear

Though cute and fuzzy they may be

Please don’t doubt their ferocity

So I tried to go a bit Tim Burton-y on these but I don't really like how they came out, I think I'll have to practice some more :P


henrique said...

Why didn't you liked it? They are very nice, I enjoyed how the lines were bold and expressive and at the same time they came out solid. It's something I always chased in my own drawings.

Plus, nice poem.

Jasmine Hope said...

I love them! Is that cat licking a heart? Totally creepy! Ohh gets me in the mood for Halloween.

N.Hall said...

Thanks guys, glad you like them :)

Yep that's a heart Jasmine :D

Rizz Rustbolt said...

I love the one playing with the innards.