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Sketch-A-Day October the Eighth

The creation of Dr. Frankenstein

Wasn’t actually very mean

Unfortunately was forced to live a life remote

When he found the little girl did not float

So I realized after posting the poem that I have been pronouncing it Franken'steen' in my head, Young Frankenstein really stuck with me when I was young lol.



Logan Pearsall said...

Well, is it Eye-gor?
No it's Igor.
They told me it was Eye-gor.
Well they were wrong then, weren't they!?

Logan Pearsall said...


strike that. reverse.

N.Hall said...

:D Perfect hahaha

Gillibean said...

Aww this is so sweet! The tender side to a monster! I love the negative space youve used to frame that awesome hand. Nice job :D Roll on the next sketch-a-day in October!

Jasmine Hope said...

Awesome! As Gillibean said, nice use of your negative space around the hand.