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What I wore today...

So I jumped on the bandwagon. As a warm up today I drew what I wore...and I decided to draw myself in my most natural state...confused.

Probably wondering how I'm able to dress myself after 22 years of existence.

PS I can't remember who it was who started What I wore today, I enjoy Tiffany Ford's renditions.

I just wanna say I'm proud I remember so many artist's blogs by their names I forget so much o_o;

Yes i happen to have 5 fingers on one hand thanks Erin for pointing that out XD


Anonymous said...

NO WAY! You're a chick???!?

N.Hall said...

my name can really throw you off can't it

henrique said...

I don't know why I always feel a a little dose of joy when I meet someone the same age as I.