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I'm baaaaaaaack

From holiday! And I return with sketchbook pages of...well, meh. I'm a bit melancholic about my work lately but here it is. I recently visited London, Paris and Rome and my what a journey it was, a bit lonely as I was all on my own but an amazing experience! (I will be posting images of my trip to a flickr account hopefully soon...all sixteen..hundred of them....)

My works feeling a bit stagnant, I'm going to push myself to use my watercolors more, I was a bit while in Europe and it made me realize how much I haven't used them :\ ah well back to work work work

Holy COW I passed 300 followers?! Oh man oh man I can not believe that at all!! Thanks everyone I'm in complete awe right now :O


Jeffrey Lai said...

Productive much? why yes.
love the flow in your figures an animalz
sounds like you had a epic journey!

Mauricio said...

Cool! I love that mouse in particular! And that's awesome that you went to Europe by yourself. My gf did that for 2.5 months and had a blast!

Logan Pearsall said...

There's some really nice stuff in these!

Noleftsock said...

Good Job on 300 Followers babe! I have two, and one of them's me.

I'm loving the quirky horses and the Mouse with the sword is very squee.