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Easter Bunneh

Austin Madison had a small challenge on his blog to design the easter bunny, mine came out a little....evil :\


Sketches 4.22


The lineup



2..I mean 3 Thesis Characters

I will explain my thesis here in this post since Logan asked and I guess I haven't explained that yet so here goes...
I've created a story that is still not complete however acts as a homage to the story of Sun Wukong the monkey king. A popular tale from China.

A boy Ix (short for Ixtlahua meaning 'to restore') decides to find the Jaguar God, Tlatoani. Tlatoani is using his minions (consisting of crocodiles, ocelots, monkeys and his apprentice Xochi, a girl) to ravage villages and take over central america. Why? I don't really know...
Anyway Ix asks his father Hue Hue (oldman) how he might be able to defeat Tlatoani. His father doesn't know but has heard rumors of a great fighter to the north. So he sets off to find the fighter, asking monkeys and other animals to point him in the right direction. Some get him lost and he winds up in the Mojave desert. He passes out after awhile when a Peccary named Pitzotl (pig) finds him. The pig helps Ix find who he's looking for, unfortunately its just a Coyote named Nahualli (I typed the wrong name on the character sheet D:) Nahualli means sorcerer. Soooo after tricking the greatest trickster into coming along to help on the mission they head south. they brave minions and set backs I havent created but thats BASICALLY the story :\
SO, my thesis is visual development for this story, in total I'll have 6 illustrations done and 6-7 character sheets done to hang, then I'll have a book FULL of my process work, which is really the fun part in my opinion...


Trying to cut back...

Trying to cut back on posting, I was feeling a bit self conscious about the amount of times I was updating, I felt I was getting a bit annoying. Perhaps I should just be more selective about my work. Anyhow these are from the last 2 or so days, I felt I needed to brush up on designing inanimate objects. The people and ocelots are for my thesis, ocelots are one of the minions the jaguar god (Tlatoani) controls. They're like little ninjas who have smoke bombs on their little vine belts :3.

Thaaaanks <3



this is my submission for this over at the Not Your Father's Pin Up Blerg. I may have over rendered it :/ but yeah I may need to change the bg color as well its up for speculation, but I need to work on something else now I've been staring at it for too long.

Changed the bg and gave him whiskers I can't believe i forgot that. Also gave him an eye now at the risk of looking kinda cliche ;P