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Weekend Dump

Just a bunch of nonsense.


Last night

stuff from last night.
I haven't been sleeping well :\

the bulls and unicorns are for my Advanced digital illustration class, we have to make some mock up labels for...anything? I chose to do red and white wine, Boiled Bulls Blood and Unicorn Tears. See if you can guess the inspiration >_>



 yeahhh maybe i should have split this into 2 different posts, this is what happens when I don't scan as I go though :\

Some of this stuff is for my thesis, the NYFPU blog , the Alphabeastiary Blog, and just models I draw for fun from the Sartorialist.

I really need to work on my backgrounds, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to treat them like characters D:

thanks for looking :)


Thesis Malarkey

I've been looking for a reason to use the word malarkey, my thesis gives good reason.
I'm not much on holding back my process for thesis, lots of seniors do but I just haven't given a hoot. I'll be trying to work on backgrounds and item sheets next then storyboards, spring break will be sleepless so help me...