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Weekend Sketches

Well it's that day, Happy Valentines ;P, I've been sketching a lot but not getting much done otherwise. We had our very amazing friends Chez Gomez and Keyla Valerio and a few others come visit us this weekend. Also my roommates Vanesa & Drew are very fantastically sneaky people :D

A few of these 'fashionable' type people come from the blog The Sartorialist to which I was referred to by the lovely Miss Betsy Bauer ! I'm trying to draw more people and I adore a lot of the outfits on that blog.

Some hyenas, a sketch for an assignment based on the word embrace, dogs, annnnd a naked chick on an elephant. Hope you all have an enjoyable day!

also CONGRATS to everyone who got into SOI!!! :DD


Marie Provence said...

I'm a sucker for cute animals and I have to say that your drawings do a great job capturing the cuteness! You've got some great gestural lines going on too, good work! :)

Jez Tuya said...

Dude.. seriously.. you're out of control! Awesome stuff!

James C. said...

Crazy awesome stuff per usual!

Mauricio said...

Hi Natalie, Beautiful work! I love your drawings a lot!

Will Strong said...

Really expressive characters. Great work here.

David Ziggy Greene said...

Always sooo good!