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Hope everyone had a nice holiday time.



Circus Doodles

I haven't been to a circus in years, just wanted to doodle some characters. I liked it.


The Asian Bear Cat

holy oversaturation batman.

This is a binturong or Asian bear cat, I've fallen in love with it's whiskers. It's a pretty adorable creature.

Just testing out some brushes, I don't know how I feel about this style, I'm still experimenting.

In other news I'll be at CTN-X this year. So...yeah, hope I run into some of you lovely chaps/'chapettes' if you're going.



It's been so long! I've been busy busy on a project I've barely drawn anything just for the heck of it but heres some stuff I did last night and this morning....


Not so Sketch a Day October the Fourteenth

Experimenting with color, textures and new brushes. woo.


Sketch-A-Day October the Twelfth

Missed yesterday and no poem today, my work is catching up to me so it's taken priority :) A good priority though! Wish I could show you all what I've been working on!


Sketch-A-Day October the Ninth

There’s nothing at all funny

about a disgruntled and dusty mummy.


short and bad poem but tired yesterday, posted on tumblr but forgot to post on here :P


Sketch-A-Day October the Eighth

The creation of Dr. Frankenstein

Wasn’t actually very mean

Unfortunately was forced to live a life remote

When he found the little girl did not float

So I realized after posting the poem that I have been pronouncing it Franken'steen' in my head, Young Frankenstein really stuck with me when I was young lol.



Sketch-A-Day October the Seventh

The black cat of which strikes fear

Many a witch has called a dear

Though cute and fuzzy they may be

Please don’t doubt their ferocity

So I tried to go a bit Tim Burton-y on these but I don't really like how they came out, I think I'll have to practice some more :P


Sketch-A-Day October the Sixth

The tale of Elizabeth Bathory

Can be quite a bloody memory

Admittedly, she had a bit too much fun

While she bathed in the blood of the innocent young


Sketch-A-Day October the Fifth

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Bride to be

May greet you in a fashion unnecessary,

It may be in a shriek or hiss

But please try not to act so remiss

Sketch-A-Day October the Fourth

Forgot to post this yesterday!

The word ‘Vamp’ was not a term of slang

When referring to Ms. Buveur DeSang


Sketch-A-Day October the Third

So I've just now decided I will do a sketch a day for this month, since I love drawing halloween themed pieces, expect 2 more hopefully tonight.

Here we have Monsieur leLoup, my boyfriend helped me create this small poem to accompany him.

If you were to find a bite upon your lady’s croup

It could be the handiwork of Monsieur Tombeur leLoup

Now if you ask as to where your lady went

Monsieur will protest, he’s only the most dapper gent


Elephant and bebe

This started out as just a warm up yesterday of the mama's head, but I enjoyed myself so much I felt I should finish it, my goodness a "finished" piece. Lighting is wonky but lets just imagine theres a hole in the canopy ;)


This is a boring update

Fair warning, yeah? I've basically started doing gestures and studies again, it's been awhile and I'm looking pretty rusty. these are from watching Will and his little brother + friends play tennis the other day, I'll have to join them more often. Also sorry about crappy cell phone images but I'm utterly tired of scanning...I really...really..loathe the act. (and I didn't feel they were even worth scanning anyway)

oh and a drawing of me :| told you it was boring.