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Rough Elefanta

this piece will be done the same way the tigresas piece was done because my professor wanted me to complete another for our open assignment.


Sketchbook Sept. pages

Just some stuff from my sketchbook I never got to scan/post till now :P
I want to draw more pokemon...


It's that awesome time of the year again!

with a page of friends & classmates to end it :P


Illest of Ill Results

Soooo this years Illest was pretty awesome. We had guest artist Josh Cochran judge the show, picking out about 45-50 pieces to be hung in the Exhibition Hall of our school. I was lucky enough to get my sketchbook and my Space Monkey piece into the show!

Here's Josh, takin' a few pics of all the submissions laid out.

More of the submissions!

Congrats to all who got in!

I'm loving my school quite a bit this year, later the next week Andrew Jones made an unofficial visit to our Portfolio class. He gave us a very uplifting talk about being an artist. It was a nice start to the day :)


Tata Gala Submission

Here is my piece for the Tata Gala this year :) A great annual gallery supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Good luck to all who submitted!


La Musica Redux

With blur

without blur

This is for a local music festival, I had the same assignment last year however this years came out better. Theres a 300$ prize for the poster they choose, and 150$ for the runner-up.
We'll see what happens but there are some really amazing entries from my fellow classmates!!

mini post - birdies

Just a quick test with some brushes on CS5 hehehe



These are A. a test run and 2. for a friend :P
The second batch is bigger and going to the friend, you might see the smaller first batch stuck around school :P I'm gunna be looking at different paper and
looking into making an Etsy to sell Prints and these badboys.



Experimenting with Corel X :P


A buddeh of mine Tyler Schatz helped me with the colors for these guys :D
I'm going to be experimenting with some digital coloring on these guys too along with some traditional.




B is for Beavahs (beavers) ¬.¬
Ironically watching Angry Beavers in the labs.


A is for Armadillos :3
I'm having too much fun with my animal alphabet