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Tata Preview


Birds, Bears and Kitties! oh my

expect more of these but in alphabetical order ha. I did the birds for an assignment
but the dogs, cats, reptiles, and bears were for fun.
I think I'll be starting with Armadillos next.

some previews of sketchbook pages. ho hummm


Illest of Ill



Monkey Baby

Hmm, I don't know how I feel about it hehehe.



random stuff

been looking at some Frank Cho :3

yeah I don't really change

more gorillas and babez


I wore a skirt the other day, that made me a LADY



Influence map

I just love bandwagons :3


some stuff from figure class and doodles...


Fantastic Mr. Fox

So for the 2 year mark I made this for my boyfriend. He loved 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' when he was younger so I thought I'd draw Senor Fox and his missus. He made me a lovely dinner. I colored this but I still need to make some touch ups before I post :P

Fat Tax Final

So I haven't edited this piece but I kind of like it the way it is, although I may end up replacing the background with a picture of the inside of a Mcdonalds. So here's my second assignment.


Illustration roughs

some linework for illustrations based on poems.


Sketchbook stuff

the panda kitty hug looks...weird ¬.¬


Newest Sketchbook

The cover to this damned thing fell right the hell off, however it was a great size and amount of paper inside and luckily the paper stayed bound and glued together, thanks to my dear roommate Vanesa (her link is in the side bar) I found out how to make covers and sketchbooks about a year ago. So I found me a piece of fabric in my closet got some board from the back of newsprint sketchpads and glued me a new cover :D

This is probably my favorite sketchbook so far.


First of the season

The topic was Travel.


Process & sketchbook

some pandas for fun, thumbs for an assignment in Illustration on an article about Fat Tax and at the bottom the final line art to the article. My Ecology teacher, he's a nice guy, and some sketches of sleeping people in classes.


using watercolors more often.
I'm hoping to get some copic markers soon.