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Robutt Icons

I love me some robutts.
to be made into icons for Comp Illo class.
I had to redesign from these I'll post those later.

edit : the second set are my redesigns for the icons, we didn't have to choose the icons we were doing but I did Antivirus, Finder/Browser, and Trash


Kendra Melton said...

The second set are definitely much more dynamic, bit I personally think you could push them even more. Are they going to be all by themselves or how are you treating the icon backgrounds? Do you want the icons to fit in the same dimensional space? Just trying to help :] I think if you give the computer a shot you'll love it. Helps speed up a lot of the process. Let me know if you ever want any input :] (email!)

Chez said...

ahhh love them! great job! I love the cape :3 I loved that assignment, I did a vampire, frankenstein, and werewolf.