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So I ignored the load of homework I have and made myself this little guy. I think I'll name him Edgar...hmm...


gay piggies



Painter X Doodling

hmph...I only like Painter because it imitates traditional better....


Colorful Robutz



robot lineart

....I'm just going to say...I could have done this with a pen in less than 30 minutes...


Robutt Icons

I love me some robutts.
to be made into icons for Comp Illo class.
I had to redesign from these I'll post those later.

edit : the second set are my redesigns for the icons, we didn't have to choose the icons we were doing but I did Antivirus, Finder/Browser, and Trash


Finished piece

well im done. I did this for -->

I'm frightened and anticipating what everyone else has done, some of the entries are already good...





more of a wild thing

so i chose this one as the final, still going to tweak the pose etc and im not sure if i should use gouache or watercolor...also this AMAZINGLY RAD necklace my roommates girlfriend Yuri got me when she went back to Korea for the summer. i love it a ton, its so damn cute :D

edit: tweaked it.


more wild things

some good some bad


Gibson girl

gunna update this later or tomorrow, i need to get to sleep early tonight for the trip back to Sarasota tomorrow to pay rent.
a blog i watch has dailies and yesterdays was Gibson girl. I'm a bit late though i think..:(

Ninjas and pigs with 'staches

probably the best title I've written yet for a blog post.
anyway i gouached a "realistic" Porco Rosso, a Hayao Miyazaki film, I thought it was a good movie. Also some lizards....i was watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...
plus some ninjas...


Terrible Yellow Eyes

So i was linked to the blog Http:// and really liked the work i saw, and the idea behind the whole thing. Now I was 'not' asked to do a piece and i only did this for fun and my own personal gain i suppose. and yeah i need to put some contrast around max to bring him out he gets lost all alone down there at the bottom :P

Done in Gouache.


Absinthe Labels

Update 4/6

Some sketchbook stuff and the watercolor images for my absinthe labels, ill post those next...